Birthdays at Star Theatre

Celebrate your child’s birthday at the state of the art Star Theatre! The Star Theatre combines a first class performing arts theatre with a cafe to open presents and have cake & ice cream!


  • 45 minute puppet show.
  • Use of cafe for ice cream and cake.
  • Ages 4 to 9 years old includes Pansy, Talking Board, Willy Worm, and Jack & the Beanstalk marionettes.
  • Ages 6 to 12 years old includes Pansy, Willy Worm, Talking Board, & Frankenstein Adventure.

Total time: 1.5 hours


  • 45 minute puppet show (see above).
  • Use of cafe for ice cream and cake.
  • Kids make puppet with moving mouth in arts and crafts session!

Total time: 2 hours